Power of Sorry

Sorry… a five letter simple word with lots of meaning. Continue reading


Winter in Lake Louise: snow, ice and water — Christopher Martin Photography

Last weekend I spent the morning looking for wildlife along the Bow Valley Parkway in Banff National Park. I drove along, stopping several times for short hikes to get a view over the river valley or along a creek into the forest. None of the animals graced me with their presence but the land made […]

via Winter in Lake Louise: snow, ice and water — Christopher Martin Photography

Lets cry out..


You can try to be strong,
I’d still be here.
When things go wrong,
I’ll keep you near.
You don’t have to carry
the weight of the world.
Don’t push and hurry
for your problems to be solved.
I’m here for you
we’ll work on this together.
Don’t succumb to your worries,
we’ll come out much stronger.

But I have a simple request,
that you’d let out all the stress.
Don’t be afraid to cry,
take some time to sit for a while.
Tears does not mean you’re weak,
You don’t have to be oblique.
These muddles will be over soon,
let out the stress .. lets cry out… weep.