I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on
All through my city, all through my home


I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feel
I feel that hot blood.

I can’t take my eyes up off it,



Truth never die

                  ..”Truth never die”..


Truth is what can’t be destroyed anyway..

Your body is going to be ash one day.. people around you who seems to be your love one’s will not be with you forever..

Then whats the truth of life… who u r?

“Self-examination is the process of accountability to your soul…It is far better to “become” your truth than to speak your truth.”

Truth is your deeds.. once done can’t be undone. And your words..once said can’t be unsaid..

So keep doing good always and speak good.. keep smiling 😊

Happy again…

O life, tell me,
what I have lost, where do I get it back
so that every mistake gets pardoned,
and I can get the angry moments cajoled back..

I took all the dreams away

Eyes were open, I knew everything,

I was watching everything happen,
Still I didn’t stop anything,
I don’t know in what wave I was..

May this all be a dream only,
When eyes are open, this all be a dream..
This all comes down like a weight,
and my heart be happy again..